Thanks so much for considering volunteering at LSF

We would find it very hard to run our festivals without our team of volunteers.  They help in every way imaginable to ensure that everything runs smoothly…be that the workshops or at the socials. We are always lucky to have a talented bunch waiting in the wings to help us out.

Ninety-nine percent of festival volunteering is answering questions, giving advice and keeping an eye on your area.  You could be asked to take on a variety of roles, from checking people in at the registration desk, to helping with sound, being a runner for the teaching team and the workshops or setting up the late night venue.  You are the eyes and ears of the festival – being alert, friendly and attentive, and able to report on any issues that might arise. We are looking for volunteers who are friendly, approachable, happy to help, good at working in a team and with good time keeping skills. If helping with set up/tidy up you will need to be physically fit and able bodied enough to move chairs and tables.

We ask each volunteer for a commitment of 7.5 hours over the weekend. In return you will get a free social pass for the festival. You will have unlimited entry to Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday parties but this does not include entry to workshops. Your volunteer hours can be spread out over any part of the festival event including daytimes and evenings – Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Value: £75 Social Pass

Your Role
Your role may involve any of the below:
– Checking people have the correct wristband
– Checking people off the list and giving them a wristband if they have booked but not yet picked up their wristband
– Taking any on the day payments (if there is space)
– Directing people where to go for dancing, coat rail, toilets, bar, exit, etc
– Fielding any questions and noting them down for the Event Managers
– Helping set up/tidy away the front desk
– Helping set up/tidy away any decor items
– Helping move tables and chairs in the workshop space/dance floor
– Pick up any lost property leave it at the venue front desk or pass on to the Event Managers

You will be allocated a contact person on your shifts. If you have any problems or issues, they are the first person you should go to.

Who should apply?
We welcome applicants from all age ranges and backgrounds. No prior experience is needed. Although please let us know if you feel that you have a skill that might be particularly useful. We prefer our volunteers to be friendly and approachable people! Able to maintain good humour and positivity is a bonus, especially when tired. You should be the type of person that feels comfortable speaking to the festival goers and you need to be flexible about tasks requested of you. Punctuality, honesty and reliability are essential.

We expect all volunteers to:
– Be on time for their hours
– Be presentable, friendly and helpful while volunteering
– Feedback to other volunteers and Event Managers when information needs to be passed on
– Contact the Event Managers if any issues arise
– Ask for help from Event Managers and the team when you need it
– Enjoy dancing at the event when not volunteering!

Volunteers can expect us to:
– Send via email all volunteer hours in advance of the event
– Assist volunteers where needed
– Be contactable in person during the event and on phone/email in advance of the event

The only 3 rules!

  1. We ask all our volunteers to please be prepared to make a solid commitment to volunteering. This means that your volunteer hours must take priority over all other activities. If you are doing workshops we will do our best not to schedule you at those times however we cannot guarantee this.
  2. Please do not purchase a ticket that includes any of the socials. If you do we cannot refund you for this part of your pass although you can sell it on to someone else.
  3. Look after yourself during the festival and make sure you have some time to enjoy yourself! If you need any help, assistance or need support of any kind we and the whole LSF team are here for you 🙂