Answers, Answers, Answers

Will LSF go ahead?

Yes, but not until November 2020. We have taken the difficult decision to postpone until later in the year to give the COVID-19 crisis a chance to settle down.

Can I get a refund if I don’t want to attend in November?

We are really sorry but we are not able to provide refunds. The only way to minimise massive losses for all concerned is to move the event to later in the year. If we had cancelled the event ticket holders would not have been able to get back 100% of their payment. We are really keen that you should get what you paid for.

When will you release the dates of the November LSF?

We are just waiting to hear back from our venues, teachers and team and we expect to have an answer in the next few weeks. We’ll post the announcement on the website and on Facebook.

Are tickets still on sale?

Yes, tickets are still on sale for the event in November. All tickets will be for the event to take place then.

If I already have a ticket do I need to do anything to be able to attend in November?

No, not at all – it is all done. You will be able to show up as usual and attend the festival.